Thursday, 12 March 2015

Attitude Project

This week we saw the climax of the Attitude project in which more than 50 young people used creative writing and other arts activities to explore gender attitudes amongst young people. We worked with an amazing cast of artists who took the work to the stage and brought the young peoples work to life. Expect more updates and content to follow soon!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Links project 2015

Tell Us Another has been busy across the Rochdale Borough working in the 6 areas of Kirkholt - Milnrow - Langley - Deeplish - Wardleworth - Back O 'Th Moss - Kirkholt working in partnership with Rochdale Cohesion hub to explore and celebrate the differences and similarities in our communities. The groups have been working with artistic team Tony Walsh, Shirley May, and Saquib Chowdhury to create poems and prose that highlights celebrates the diversity across the borough of Rochdale. This project will see a book created that will be distributed borough-wide and a launch event that will be held at the Great Hall at Rochdale Town Hall - April 2nd 2015.

Blackwheel Project

Blackwheel is a graphic novel that was developed by Yussuf Mrabty and Ali Gadema with young people from the Belfield area of Rochdale in partnership with Black Box (co/Bright Books) and the Kashmiri Youth Project with the aim of creating a short graphic novel that presents an alternative view of the types of characters, stories and environments popular comics and graphic novels can often portray. Stereotypically heroes and heroines are musclebound and sexualised, heterosexual, predominantly of white ethnicities, and without human flaws of any kind. The BlackWheel project has worked with a diverse group of young people from Rochdale to create characters and an environment, and write a story that challenges readers and can provide a new local template for diverse and alternative comics and graphic novels. Blackwheel has also been developed into a multi-media project and performance that can be used in education with young people to explore sensitive issues and topics.multi-media performance that includes graphic novel imagery, live voice actors, projection and digital sound. This work will also be available in limited edition print .

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Scribble Magazine Winter 2014

Scribble, our quarterly magazine is available to download for free from our issuu account if you register a free account at issuu, and if you are lucky enough to have come across one in the community you will notice its had a bit of a facelift! Glossy, heavyweight pages, large doses of colour and sleek design from our new design partners XYLO Design, and the inclusion of some reviews and factual writing. Click here to download

Scribble Festival 2014

This Autumn we presented Scribble Festival! the Tell Us Another One project at Cartwheel Arts annual literature celebration. This year we presented Scribble as part of the Rochdale Literature and Ideas Festival and invited members of the public to come and join us during the day from 2pm to take part in creative writing workshops with writers Anjum Malik, Shamshad Khan, Dominic Berry and we also had craft workshops with artist Lisa Risbec who taught our participants to personaslise their writers books. Our focus this year was on invention but also on sustainability, there was plenty of discussion on both topics and we were joined by Alison Bond-Mcnally (Bury Libraries), Rick Walker(Cartwheel Arts) and Robin Parker (Langley Writers) for a discussion on sustainability and how to continue to be creative in the current economic climate.

For our evening portion we had a very special performance in the form of “Verbally Challenged” in partnership with Manchesters Contact Theatre, Verbally Challenged included four 10 minute performances, written by participants of the Tell Us Another one project, and performed by a professional cast of actors. 

At the end of the performances, our panel of judges scored Evelyn Harris of Moorside TUAO group as our winner who received a cash prize of £100.00

To mark black history month in the UK we had a bespoke performance from acclaimed storyteller Akiel Chinelo, also known as ’Uncle Akiel’, who shares the art of storytelling, with traditional African tales interspersed with modern tales of urban life in his native city of Manchester.